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These kinds of productivity principles are not mere theory. When we put these same principles into effect, our productivity went up more than we had thought possible. And our employee morale went up, too. It became easier to write code the right way and harder to make stupid mistakes. This new way of creating software makes it possible for us to concentrate on what we really want to do here at Cisco, which is to improve the Internet for everybody.

-- Andy Chessin, Senior Technical Lead, Cisco, Inc.

Adam Kolawa's insight and charm really come through in this book. Let's face it...on Wall Street, you can't compete without great IT. Based on my own 20 years of IT experience on Wall Street, I can say that this book brings into sharp focus many of the key issues we face-doing more with less, resistance to change, governance of scarce resources, and regulation. However, even more importantly, this book provides non-geeks a roadmap about how IT works and how IT needs to be managed. I whole-heartedly agree with Adam Kolawa's point that an 'enterprise leap in productivity' is at hand. I truly believe that the firms which take this book's concepts to heart will leave the others in the dust.

-- Michael Cangialosi, Director, Barclays Capital

When people complain that technology is out of control, they often say that 'complexity is the problem' -- but Adam Kolawa invites us to look deeper, and recognize that the actual problem is the lack of a reliable, reproducible process for creating complex systems that work the first time. His call to action is aimed, not only at CIOs, but at CEOs and other business strategists who need to keep pace with the accelerating evolution of global markets. Don't read his book to learn more about IT; read it to change the way you think about empowering and transforming your organization.

-- Peter Coffee, Director of Platform Research,

Much has been written about the need for IT to develop a deeper understanding of business. Now it's time for business to understand more about IT.

Brash, irreverent, intelligent and original, The Next Leap in Productivity offers a vision of the future in which complex enterprise software can be developed so quickly and so easily that it becomes essentially "disposable."

A must-read for CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, CFOs, CMOs, software architects, IT project managers, analysts, investors, consultants and vendors – everyone with a stake in the IT food chain.